#3 SS19 📷 Preppy Americana on the Outskirts of Mayfair; Our West Side Story in the West End

“I like to be in America, okay by me in America, everything free in America – for a small free in America.” – West Side Story

 You might have stopped by merely to rest your weary, heeled feet after exercising your powers of deduction, seduction and consumption at the tills of clothing retailers in Oxford Circus and Soho. You will also be treated to the perks of American consumer culture. This gilt-laden  Atlantic oasis points loudly and directly to the brand’s vision – everyday  American sophistication. Photographs and sketches of polo teams and Ivy league sportsmen; a prohibition-style bucket filled with beautiful yellow tulips; cloakroom tags print on fine ream card with vintage years used to identify your belongings; velvet-clad seats, jazz on the speakerphones playing into this cosy, dark room redolent of saloons and college bars. The founder of this eponymous brand dares you to deride “American” and “sophistication” as oxymoronic.

I enjoyed a steaming pot of fresh mint tea, alongside my chocolate brownie, served with hot pouring chocolate and one scoop of vanilla ice cream by Kasia, who said she didn’t mind me mentioning her by name. The brownie wasn’t particularly delicious in taste or texture. It was the combination of hot chocolate and cold ice cream with the entire experience makes it a brownie I’d return for and recommend. Fat cat lawyers, virtuality reality glasses inventors, a yummy mummy-to-be with her mum, friends; there’s room here for anyone that wants something light in an inviting little space. American hospitality in luxe.







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