#1 SS 19 πŸ“· Buns Galore, Buns and More in Covent Garden






You might think that an eaterie that makes carbohydrates – specifically bread – the centrepiece, would be an unpopular no-go given the “free from”, health-conscious trend of late, but this bun connoisseur’s was a hive of activity and now I know why. The best thing about this fine specialist in fluffy but firm balls of breadiness is that they combined good food with good customer service and a beautiful space. So foodie that they refused to serve what I’m going to call their funghi delight – all things mushroom including truffle – without the bun, “because that’s the way it has to be served, together.”

It was warm and cosy whilst also being open and bright, literally surrounded by shops like the Abnormal Company, Brora, Chanel, Penhaligon’s and of course, a Hotel Chocolat. The ambience was enhanced by the affability of the bartenders and waiting staff. I chose to sit at the beautifully theatrical and rotund bar at the centre of the back of the oblong restaurant. At some point whilst I sipped my black tea, served in a corked bottle, a customer at a table behind me dropped two menus. A waitress sprinted over to retrieve them from the floor for the couple. When I merely looked up to ask for the bill, I was gushed over instantly like the belle of the ball by a waiter with a glint in his eye, the bill served in a stylish, leather case embossed with the company’s logo. It makes sense entirely that two social media influencers were sitting at a table to the right of me, meeting with a potential client. A place to see, or be seen, to eat well, drink well, or enjoy good company; all in capable hands.

Its central location nearby Covent Garden station makes it an easy to find meeting spot too – the first of many trips to this Covent Garden bun haven, I’m certain. Thank you Buns and Buns.

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