#8 AW 18 The Holy Trinity: Work, Life, Balance

Featuring a DWF window vista, Meatpacking district, New York. 

The holy trinity in French cooking is onion, carrot and celery. I use a variations of this as a base for Meditteranean dishes, depending on what’s in the fridge: leeks, yellow peppers, garlic included. They each of their merits but they become something more potent, combined, as in any successful marriage. What if the same is true of our Selves?

Being one and the same person at home, at work and in public is a liberty which maybe comes more naturally to children, pets and those that have done their time and established themselves in their line of work but I’ve seen it in others and it’s a beauty to behold, it’s so inspiring. Obviously, there’s a line, we’ve to be professional, abide by company and national workplace policies and laws, and draw a line around the personal that doesn’t need to be public. But there’s an extent to which bringing a healthy dose of yourself to work is entirely necessary for your wellbeing and productivity, actually. I  am playing with the normative definition of work-life balance, usually used to describe how we manage time, to describe manage our Selves. This is why LGBT+, BAME and disability networks in large companies have become a marker of inclusivity – work-life balance as I describe has become the holy grail, the holy trinity.

I suppose that’s what this whole AW 18 series – which, by the sounds of birdsong alongside the shrill of my alarm first thing in the morning, is almost over – is about. Finding your ikigai, taking a leap of faith, speaking up at work, enjoying the journey, rediscovering yourselfsimply being happy at work. It’s what we all want, is it not? Work, life, balance, the holy trinity.

There’s a notion I love, by Ruth Levitas, “utopia as method”. The victory is in the trying, in the process. Girls just want to have fun. It’s all a game and really and truly, everyone wants to play. Work, life, balance, the holy trinity, less a juggling act and increasingly a way of life.

Next stop, SS 19, debuting in March 2019: Food and Drink – eat me, drink me, we’re going down the rabbit hole. Take a look at @undercoverscrib for sneak previews of what’s to come.

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