#3 AW 18 Taking a Leap of Faith

A photograph of the walkie-talkie building, taken whilst floating through the clouds in the Lloyd’s of London lift.

Taking a leap of faith is sometimes what necessary to land the deal, sale, job or even the partner you want. Here are my three main takeaways which serve me in sales as much as in the bigger leaps we take in life…

Observe more, react less – Observe and step back, consider whether the things you want to worry about issue really concern you and whether getting involved is going to be at all constructive to you in reaching your goals.

Trust the process. I’m sure you can remember or envision trying circumstances, in the context of work, which made you question your decisions and lose resolve. However, trusting in the process means holding out for the right opportunity. Similarly, wait to make decisions guided by reflection and attraction, once you’re in a neutral state, an indifferent temperament.

Remember what you came for/ why you took the leap and made that risky decision! In many ways, this article is the same three points iterated in three different ways, but the value is in the detail of each of these differences. Everyone will have something to say about a big career pivot or change in direction in your life. Similarly, you might make a decision at work which goes against the norm slightly. No one knows your life, your trading techniques or your thought processes better than you do. Self-confidence will empower you to learn what you can from others’ advice and opinions, whilst always standing firm and deciding what is best for you or sticking with that bold investment decision.

Feedback can be invaluable and I try to receive it with gratitude. Criticism and doubts often reflect the insecurities and limiting beliefs of the deliverer – we all do this. Do you know who you are and what you want to achieve in this? I have learned that this is really the most important compass.

This is working for me, happy to share in the hope it works for you too.


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